Things People on your 18 Treasures say on Debuts

Debut Party Planner

You hear it in every debut party in the Philippines. I mean, yeah, sure, every debut is a unique one, but no one needs to take statistical data to realize that there are actually template messages that the 18 special people on the 18 Treasures list use without knowing it.



  • Study hard, work hard, good health: every and all template messages anyone would wish for a growing daughter since post-Hispanic Philippines will always have these items/wishes in them. Maybe it’ll come all from a single person (most probably a parent) or be divided among a group of persons (most probably among more parents). Thank you, Hallmark.
  • Kasi unique” and “First time ko magbigay nito”: and those other post-gift introduction pre-explanation remarks you hear. “I chose to get you a bag kasi unique ka, like this bag” or “I bought you a bouquet of flowers dahil first time ko magbibigay nito, shempre sa special person na.” Mostly coming from 1.) people who’d want to be in your closer circle of BFFs or 2.) people who “like-you-like-you” but have been friend-zoned.
  • “because… alam mo na yun”: and other variations of otherwise personally entertaining commentary on a gift that means nothing to the audience but a lot to the debutante and the giver. The “naalala mo nung nag break kayo tapos… chocolate. Alam mo na yun” to which the audience laugh at either way but look to each other with the “what’re they talking about” face.
  • Tuwing gifts: Noun. Collection of gifts that are geared to remind debutante of them every time she does certain activities. “This is a smiley pillow para tuwing magigising ka, ako unang mong maalala,” and other messages that are all meant to be funny and not creepy at all.

Of course, some of the other common things you hear are about the debutante’s favorite things and wish list items but I’m kind of sure you’d hear them the four items above in ever debut you’ll ever be in. Try to think about that the next time you’re invited over to give a message. Pick a message, choose a template, and leave worries to the wind.

By : Roel John M. Bobis
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